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Oh for goodness sake. George you’re such a pain. Making me look bad :) . I suppose I should write something but it’s all rather boring. I’m working my ass off, doing split shifts. Selling wine to Australians and talking to them on the phone. I’m bored. I want to be travelling again! No worries though. I have some plans and I will write about them and make sure you all can read what I’m up to. Are you reading??

I was told today I’m amazing on the phone. What can I say I am awesome. Also been told I should be a news reporter so I’m not sure everyone is sane here.

My Birthday was brilliant. I had a lovely evening with Emma, Alex (who baked a cake for me whoo!), Stev, Debs and Jay. Also met up with Rosie and Liv that night too. Had tequila shots and chatted about nonsense. What more do you want on your birthday. Party on the weekend full of couchsurfers. As usual they were lovely and we met lots of people.

I have a crazy housemate called Rob who has 2 lovely cats. He was thrilled to meet all of the guests but was a bit confused when they were asking for Duncun. Thanks Duncun for a good party. You can definitely rally a group up. We’re hoping to hold more parties because well lets face it I am an excellent host. As is Emma my room buddy. Can’t ask for a better roomie and now we can do more things as the room is cheap.

Can I just say it’s bloody hot here and it’s going to get hotter. All I want to do is go swimming. And I was burnt the other day. Will teach me to not wear sun tan lotion. Not doing that again. I’m going to try and do more blogs. Yes I am a bit slack but obviously I have more to do than George and he’s a bigger geek than me too :p

I’ll start doing a weekly tally but I warn you they might be really short. Unless you’d like to find out about my days at work? No? Didn’t think so. Misssss you England people and others from around the globe :) xx

Written on December 18th, 2011 , Uncategorized
  1. Madaunti commented

    Uuuuuu lucky so n so gettin sun burned while we r gettin snow here !!! enjoy every minute of whatever ur doin it all sounds great. Have a swim for me!
    Carry on :) writing the blogs they are fun to read. U r a very talented girl u just dont know it :0 sorry teacher side keeps comin up : /

    Happy belated birthday wishes. We will go out in London when ur back.

    Much luv
    Madaunti J x

    December 18, 2011 at 9:49 am

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