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Finally, last blog until I decide to write something again. It will be short ones I reckon. Maybe to tell you what spider I’ve managed to run in to or some other crazy bug.

Anyway, I have yet to tell you about my shinanigans in Thailand. Bangkok is rather cool once you figure it out. It’s massive but the tuk tuk drivers will give you a good price if you haggle and if they don’t want to drag you in to a suit shop to get commission.

Went there on 2 separate times and ended up both times in Koa san Road. Place to be really. Lots of shops, massage places, (had about 3 at the same place. Once in the pouring rain and having the roof fall down on top of me drenching my legs with water. We all had a giggle.) a cart full of insects to be eaten, (we offended this guy I think cos everytime we went to look and buy he walked off while we looked!) places to eat and drink and a lovely atmosphere. I didn’t manage to see much else of Bangkok except the massive Platinum shopping centre which had 7 levels of cheap clothes. Spent a full 2 days and a half in this building and have never enjoyed shopping that much in my life! Bearing in mind I hate shopping so I only marginally enjoyed it :) .

There are some other cool things I heard from other travellers in Bangkok and was gutted I missed out. The Lambourini? Park had massive lizards roaming around it and I found this out the day I was going and was a 5 minute walk away. Damn! And the stadium was a must see according to many.

Well, that was the capital and it was an O.K city. Not any rush to go back though. The islands are nice and have much more of a holiday feel. I stayed in the coolest hostel I have found on Samui. It looked a it rough and ready when I got there. Down a little alley, up some narrow stairs and in to a small lobby. The common room upstairs was some cushions and TV. It was cosy and when people hung out up there you had to chat to them. I got there a day early and asked if there was a bed. There wasn’t but Gail the lady who ran the hostel said I could stay on the cushions. Luckily, a bed became free.

I met a good group of people there and we all stuck together. Went to the market down the road to get outfits for the full-moon party. Ken-from Scotland-decided he was going to try to drink every drink on the cocktail menu. Think he only managed a few. Nemo-from Israel-walked around munching on maggots quite happily. As he thought they were so nice I had to try. They are not for me. The squish and then the pus filling in my mouth yuk!! Tried a grass hopper too. That wasn’t so bad. Kelly-from England-didn’t find a costume there but joined in the florescent short attire with Jess and Jen-from England.

There was also Luke-England, James-England both living in Melbourne though. We met a few more people at the full moon party when we got there. Jess and Leah-England and Sam-England. Nearly acquired Sams camera as she asked me to borrow it and then dissappeared the rest of the night. Luckily or her James knew her through others. Small world. The party was mental. Lots of colourful people. Very drunk or mushed which ever they fancied. Many passed out people on the beach in drastic positions. Entertaining. I danced so much I should have fallen over myself. Very lovely atmosphere but crowded. Worth it for one time.

The night before the party we went to a lady boy cabaret. It was a very unbelievable lol.

I saw some nice parts of southern Thailand. Champong was quiet and pretty. Spent a day on a motorbike. It was brilliant. Saw some random monkeys. Lots of palm trees.

Then went back to Bangkok on the cheapest 9hr journey ever. £1.80! The train was very local. Had a guy who may have been homeless opposite me but he was friendly enough. It was very noisy with ladies going up and down the isle shouting to sell their bags of brightly coloured drinks and fruit and nuts.

Met up with Jo on my last day and had one of the most expensive dumplings meal on my whole trip but they were good.

So, I went back to England after that to set the next chapter of my life in order. Have changed my clothes to other, nicer things. Josh fixed my computer and sold it back to me. I sold his bike for more than he sold it for. Spent some sleepless nights doing some wood work. Saw my wicked old housemates again and then sadly said goodbye to them. And spent some much wanted time with the person I missed most and will hopefully see sooner than expected.

Not to forget having some brief drinks with that Pete and my Pompey crew. I am now going to be spending a lot longer than 4 months away from England and experiencing living in another country. That’s the plan anyway. We shall see if this goes that way. Anything can happen of course :) Enjoy a chilly xmas. I’ll have a barbie for you! :p

Written on November 18th, 2011 , Asia, Thailand
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