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Well, finally managed to leave Laos.

I found myself in this place and stayed for 10 days. Didn’t do much except party and meet people. It’s a great place though with many different people to meet.

So to start with I had a few drinks and saw the place. Was nice but small i think. Why is it so popular?

The next day and, I’m told to go to the river. Ok now I know why Vang Vieng is the place to go. This time I didn’t take a tube and we got to the first bar on the river. It’s 1pm and everyone is dancing and I’m greeted with a super soaker to the face and it’s not water but rum. We grab a bucket of Rum and coke. Yes a bucket that’s the drink of choice here. Usually with tiger whisky.

Anyway, fter the drink we head back on the boat to the next bar. Well, we dont get further than that one because we started playing beer pong. Along with other buckets and free shots. It’s no surprise really that I was in bed at 8pm that night. Next day wasn’t an action packed day of course but I know now not to drink like an alcoholic again.

I tried out working on the river and am glad I didn’t for too long as they are expert drinkers. I just could not keep up. Went down the river on a tube and found the slide bar. Went down it but on a different day. Basically, the river is really beautiful when you tube down it but the water is gross. Also don’t ever go down it alone and very drunk it’s not the most safest of things. Heard a fair few horror stories while i was there.

The Laos people are cool and met some crazy ones. Like Jay Dee in his bar but had a good laugh there too. Kept giving us shots of Lao Lao which is not the nicest of drinks really. Spent some time in Sakura bar and that was really relaxing and trying to outdrink the staff and thats the girls is not a good idea lol.

I didn’t just drink in this place. Managed to go caving and saw some beautiful scenery. It reminded me of Laputa Castle in the Sky. Amazing.

Now I’m off to Cambodia. Looking forward to seeing some sights and taking a rest from drinking, until I get to Thailand that is haha.

Written on August 7th, 2011 , Asia, Laos

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