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Haven’t much to say about Kunming. This is because I had to slow down and have been spending my money like it’s paper heh.

I decided to go straight to Laos as so many people have told me how great it is and I think I’m done with China for now. Travelling on my own in rural places wasn’t high on my list and I think some poeple would worry about me far too much -Mum, Dad- Regret missing out on alot of things in China but I aim to re visit the country with less on my back and more of an intinery.

Right on to Loas. A 26 hour journey. What am I going to do on a bus for that long. Sleep right? Well no. I get to the bus station very early because the day before the hostel decided to send me to completely the wrong bus station so I missed my bus and had a 4 hour journey to nowhere.

They let me on the bus 2 hours before departure so I think I’ll chill out on my bed. Oh my bed is very small and I have to share with a chinese guy. This is weird. I’m at the window seat so have to be boxed in by this guy. No worries maybe I can move or I’ll just not sleep.

We’re late in starting off which I find out later why. Alls ok and the driver had even come along and tried to get the guy to swap with a girl so I didn’t have to sleep next to him but he refused dammit. The first stop and I chat to the only white people I’d seen on the bus. They were Russian and didn’t speak much English lol. However, met Santiago who was from Costa Rica and spoke chinese, french, spanish and english. Brilliant.

Also another English person who spoke Chinese too. Will, who was the reason we started off late. Nice of the bus to wait. Have discovered he grew up in Denmead. Small world.

The driver spoke to Santiago about moveing beds. After a few words to different people. I moved to the bed above me and shared with a girl instead of the guy. Yay. and Will and Santiago moved to the back just behind me. So had some people to talk to.

The journey didnt turn out as boring as expected. With my new found buddies we went to the hostel and all booked in. Gotta thank them though because I don’t think i would have managed to get to the place or through border control or change my bed or have a fun journey with out them. Cheers guys.

So Laos, amazing place I can’t stop marvelling at the place. it’s beautiful. no cities just green and houses. Have been to a waterfall and had a swim. Jumped off the top of one which was mental. A tad scary but not that bad. Saw bears too. Also drove a motorbike and saw some amazing views. Have major sunburn on my back and legs though. Must remember to wear sunscreen.

There’s so much to see here I can’t write it all down I just recommend you come here yourself and discover Laos. Ok Jenna you were right. I don’t want to leave.

On to Some tubing tomorrow.

Written on July 25th, 2011 , Asia, Laos
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