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Owwwwwww. My legs really bloody hurt. So note to self never run down a mountain again. A relaxed one for the next few days then.

Chengdu was cool. Saw some pandas which was pretty cool. Not wild ones unfortunately but some none the less. We also ended up going to have a massage that day. A bit of scraping and cupping too. Now it’s not how it sounds. I had my back scraped. it didn’t hurt though was quite nice. The cupping, however was a little strange. They heat the glass up and put it on your back and it sucks the skin through. So you have a massive hickie on your back well a few.

Luckily I didn’t have the marks for long but the guy I was with had massive welts on his back haha.

Tried to have a few nights out but unfortunately China’s food is getting to me and alcohol isn’t helping. Will hopefully be back on it soon.

Jade made some chinese food that turned to dust.

All in all had some lovely western food in Chengdu. Shame but need to feel better. Had amazing veggie food before the stomach upset. it’s a wonder how they make the veggie stuff taste so much like meat.

Talking of meat. According to a place we ate the previous night they gave us dog. They may have been joking but why would they do that? I only savoured said dog, Tom however ate the whole thing, lovely.

Last day in Chengdu was a relaxed one. Another massage, foot this time. Can’t help it. So cheap.

Pretty tired now. Gonna hopefully walk Tiger Leaping Gorge soon. Watch this space.

Written on July 18th, 2011 , Asia, China

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