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SHIT Chinese drivers are crazy. I thought I was going to die on my way from the ferry to Tanjin train station. They seem to know where to swerve and stop though so I believe they’re good drivers. Still.

Bejing, another bloody city. It’s smoggy and dirty and built up. Typical city really. I want some green dammit. And not the smokable type. However, after wandering the streets looking for the internet, and after walking past a stall selling maggots and other bugs to eat, I ask in a what I think is an estate agents if they know where I can find an internet cafe. Instead of directing me they offer their own computer to search. Thank goodness. I get the address for the hostel. It’s miles away of course. But I find it by bumping into an Australian couple who happen to be staying at the same hostel.
After sorting myself out I see who’s in the bar. The australians are there with a bunch of others. So I meet the group, James and Debbie from Melbourne in Australia-very lively couple and James likes to shout at tuk tuk drivers when drunk, Tim from Canada-excellent story teller, Tom from Perth in Australia-tallest man in China, Antione, Tibo and Romaine from France-lovely energetic french guys. Of course after a few drinks we’re all the best of friends. We head out to a bar where a girl was singing on stage. After a few drinks we all are on the stage dancing. We are the only ones in the place on the stage. We obviously need to head to a club. Which we do. The club is pretty awesome but it’s like most clubs so i’ll spare you the details.

We left eventually, in the pouring rain. The rain is immense so shoes are soaked through of course. Although, still manage to stay up chatting till early morning. Good start to China.

The next day was short, after getting up late, went to the Forbidden City. It’s not so forbidden but it’s quite interesting. However after a about half an hour in the heat it becomes pretty samey and there are a hell of a lot of people everywhere. Good view of the city at the end though.

The evening was quiet but hung out with the gaggle of foreigners from the night before minus the french dudes.

The wall. Was an excellent day. It was full of racist slander towards Canadians, australians, English and Americans. The Great wall is not equipped for wearing short skirts and heels. It’s a trek. Amazing views though and opportunities for playing the plank game-lying down game in England. On the way up there was a fairly nerve racking chair lift but on the way down there’s a toboggan ride. I know, who’d have thought. It was a brilliant ride don apart from a guy in front stopping very now and then to take photographs. Dammit.

Great day in all and hit many people with my umbrella. Left that in the next hostel which had many cats. Five in all. Two of them looked similar to brain. Awesome. The next day we went to a place for food to say goodbye to Tim and get on the train. I’m not mentioning the place because I’m too ashamed. If you want to know then ask me another time.

Craig decided to open an umbrella company which eventually went out of business due to lack of rain.

Went to the Olympic stadium. It’s quite a sight. Went round the racetrack on a sedgeway. I won that race as I lapped Tom and Tim. Go me. As we were leaving, a group of school girls were taking some pictures I decided to pose for one of them. Maybe a mistake. They went a little crazy. They were screaming and trying to get in the photograph while the others took the picture. The boys in the group looked very unimpressed.

On to the train. It was like a gig crowd getting through the barrier. The train itself was packed to the brim. Tom managed to get a sleeper but after I lay down to go to sleep he never returned to wake me up to have a kip himself. Turns out you can’t get back in to the sleeping area after you leave it without a sleeper ticket.

Xi’an now.

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  1. mamuszka commented

    See my e-mails. This is another time, so tell me about the place?! This all sounds good fun so be even more careful ……….!What does Xi’an mean? Forbidden city? Wow! The wall – wow again; did you put another brick in it or is that too old a joke? Where’s Tim now and who the hell are these 2 T-named guys? Are they imaginary friends?

    July 10, 2011 at 1:48 pm
  2. clare commented

    i bet it was the dreaded MCDs! hahahaha
    where are ya? get on skype!

    July 12, 2011 at 10:59 pm

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