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Incheon, it’s not bad if you’re planning to stay there. I stayed with a guy called Tory. He had 2 ferrets. They are very cool and sweet. Managed to get a bite off the white one called Monkey. I can see why she’s named that. The other is little one. She was very sweet. Always fun to stay with some animals while you travel. I turned up as some others were celebrating a birthday. A little touch of home life with this party. A marathon of Furturama and some home made burrittos. Excellent.

Wandered around the next day seeing a bit of Incheon. I think it’ll be a good laugh at night in the art centre. A food square I found is the only place I’ve seen that was covered in rubbish. Many shops and coffee places around there too. A H and M even.

Jenna once told me she was lost in H and M for 4 days.

Went back to Tory’s and had dinner then was invited to my first celebration of an American 4th of July. Some chatting and burgers. Nothing special but yay, a first.

Right now on to china.

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