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You know I’ve mentioned, if you’ve been reading (:, that I was definitely an ethnic minority? Well, I briefly spoke to a lovely Korean guy in English about a noodle dish I bought. About half an hour to an hour later a guy came up to me like he’d been looking for me. It took me a couple of seconds to realise it was the guy who helped me earlier. I’m sure it wasn’t difficult for him to find me.

Anyway, turns out he actually did seek me out and told me to find a pen and paper because he has many things to tell me about China. As I was getting the paper. He asked if I was a backpacker and said he likes backpackers as he has travelled many countries and has thirty years experience. He was in the timber industry and within this job he travelled around. He knew China and South east Asia very well and has given me instructions to places of interest. I will have to go to some of these if not all as he assures me they are beautiful places.

My room mate is a very talkative girl. We had a few conversations about where we are from, what we are doing and was shown a few pictures of some gulls eating out of the girls hand as we left port. We also discussed how all our conversations are understandable even though neither of us can speak each others language.

I had some dinner before bed time. This proved a little difficult as I can understand no one and the girl was asking me to pay for the food but I didn’t realise what she meant as there was no till in sight. Eventually a lady came out and took me money. This was after many people had pushed me out of the way to get to the food. It’s, get food or get out of the way, mentality. Finally got my food and sat down.

Had a very brief chat with the elder couple on my table. They watched me use my chopsticks and then suggested I get a spoon. I explained through actions I wanted to learn how to use them properly. They smiled and left shortly after that. Well, when I’m on my own it seems the Louisms appear. I’m sure if we saw someone holding their knife upside down we would ask if they wanted to use another utensil. So, I probably made a social faux pas by trying to use chopsticks with one of them upside down. Ah well, hopefully won’t make that mistake again heh.

I heard Josh once balanced on a chopstick.

The morning came, wasn’t a bad sleep. Lay there waiting till the ship docks. Heard a bunch of Koreans cackling loudly and had a thought about finding them and joining in with the raucous laughter and see how long it took them to notice. Went and looked anyway. Seemed like a large group of ladies were enjoying themselves very much.

Some people on the boat aren’t shy. I’ve had elderly guys, women, children stare at me, so much so I had to return the stare with a smile.

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